Vaults & Liners

An outer burial container is required at most cemeteries. Any of the outer burial containers on our page will satisfy those requirements. Outer burial containers (also referred to as “vaults”) are primarily made of two materials, either concrete or metal. Concrete outer burial containers can either be sealed or non-sealed. The sealed vaults are lined with one (double protection), and sometimes two inner liners (triple protection) in addition to the asphalt-type coating which is applied inside and outside of the vault. In addition, there is a sealant applied between the base and lid in the tongue and groove closure.

Metal vaults can be made of steel, galvanized steel, or semi-precious metals such as stainless steel, and copper. They “seal” based upon the air pressure principle. When the dome is placed on the base (which has a 6 inch elevated bottom), air is trapped inside and any water in the grave will not reach the casket. Think of turning a glass upside down in a bucket of water. The water can only rise so high due to the air pressure. To show the confidence that outer burial container manufacturers have in their products, certain types of vaults come with warranties.




Examples of our concrete & metal outer burial containers.

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